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Founded in October 1992, LISLEI is a passionate and experienced group of designers, architects, artists and craftsmen. We practice the areas of architecture, product and service design.
As a team, we aim to keep the very essence of the raw materials we work with.  We challenge ourselves with every new project and celebrate the victory of any single product that we create.
We created a thriving partner ecosystem that guarantees the interdisciplinary method of production between our suppliers and craftsmen to achieve unique and high quality product.
With this culture of collaboration, we have achieved a pleasant workflow between ancient craft techniques and technology.
Therefore, keeping our mind of mass industrialized production, we offer our service of product design to a vast range of clients and industries. If you have an idea about a product you would like us to develop, don’t hesitate to tell us about it, we would be more then happy to help you bring something new to our lives.
Since our method of work obliges to the creation of a prototype, we do make small pre-series to approach the market.
These are the first physical products manufactured on the basis of a design or concept. We developed pre-series products in such a way that they are suited directly to serial production in greater quantities.
We currently offer a small shop on this website where you can find some of our works for direct sale. Feel free to inquire about any product that isn’t immediately available for acquisition through our site.
Anything else on your mind, please let us know about it!