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The following General Delivery and Returns concern the offer and sale of products on this website – -, owned and maintained by:

Rua do Almada, 376
4050-033 Porto
+351 227 530 789
Requests for information should be made to



The delivery time of each product will vary. Transport companies to Porto, are foreign contracted to provide a service and therefore we are not responsible for any further delays or complications in delivery.

If the product was damage, please send us some pictures of the damaged goods and the packaging if relevant. We will replace any damaged products free of charge. Just send your pictures and a description of what the problem with the product is to:


You are entitled to give notice of defects for a period of 24 months.



All you have to do is notify us by e-mail or with the return form within 14 days of receiving the item. Send the items back within 14 days of notifying us. Please fill out the return form that came with the products.


The Return Address is:

Lislei, Lda.
Rua do Almada, 376
4050-033 Porto